Martingale System At The Table

A lot of times what you’ll get also are people who if they you know they use like system you know like a really popular one it’s like a cult of martingale system right where basically you bet a hundred dollars all right and then say you lose the bet and then you follow that up with a bed of 200 dollars and then if you lose that bet then you follow that up with a bed of 400 dollars all right and you know that requires you to have a whole lot of money one and then to you know if you end up with like a whole string of losses then you are wiped out so I would recommend that instead what’s you know like I will recommend two ways the simple way would be to use like a high-low betting system where say if you’re betting $100 all right you win your hand then the next bet you go to 200 because you know that 100 was your low 200s your high. Read other casino related articles and reviews at  CasinoSlots.

And then as you keep winning at the 200s right once you lose a hand you go back down to 100 all right and then that way you know that way you’re you’re trying to maximize like the amount of money that you actually have out there while you’re winning and minimizing money you have while you losing and I just use the one 200 as an example you know for like lowland lower limits if you’re betting say like ten dollars you know you can make that spread as wide as you like you know whatever is going to make you feel comfortable if you want to bet $10 and then see you win and you go to $50 right and then you keep playing $50 until you lose and you go back to ten that’s entirely up to you if you want to try it that way way that I personally play I like I use I do progressive betting and what that does basically is you know like it maximizes on you know on streaks that tend to happen in the game where it’s like things are going really well.

Then you know I’m actually like I just keep betting and betting and betting and betting and one of the one of the things with that all right say if I’m betting 50 a hand say if I win two bets in a row right then I start going up I’ll go to 75 then I’ll go to 100 then I’ll go to 150 then I go to 200 then I go to 300 and the whole methodology behind this is that even if I could win all of these hands in a row if I looking out I bet 400 and if I were to lose then I lose the 400 right here but then this is all profit and then I would start back at 50 and then you know kind of work my way back up again.