How to play Pai Gow poker?

The bell card club member, sam torosian, invented a new card game in 1985 – pai gow poker, also called double-hand poker. Although traditional chinese pai gow was played on 32 dominoes, a 52-card deck plus a joker card was played on pai gow poker.

Today the game is among the gaming industry’s most successful. Unfortunately for Mr.Torosian, a lawyer’s mistaken guidance prompted him to start without a patent. That means he couldn’t capitalize as the game spread and he didn’t make a dime by selling the game to the public. You will find everything you need to know about pai gow poker in this concise guide, how it compares with other more conventional and popular poker games, as well as the many variants of this unique style.

About Pai Gow Poker

Unlike other poker games, such as no-limit hold em, pai gow poker is played against other players, but often each player seeks to beat a banker, most frequently played by the dealer in the home. An exception is if a player is allowed and opts for betting against other players, known as gambling. Essentially, the player becomes the banker and is up against the other players. The game can host up to six players, and is most frequently featured alongside games such as blackjack and three-card poker in casino pits.

The goal of the game is to defeat the banker by bringing together two poker hands. After making a bet, each player receives seven cards that a player divides into a hand that is put in the back of a five-card high hand (aka bottom, medium, small, high, etc.). A low two-card hand is put out front or top.

The only prerequisite is to beat the low hand with a high hand. Hands should be set taking typical poker hand ranks into account – high card, pairs, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush. One difference at certain venues is they’re having the wheel (a line a-2-3-4-5) the second-high straight behind broadway (a solid 10-j-q-k-a). Make sure to inquire every time you’re sitting down to play.

Рow to set a Pai Gow hand

It’s traditional strategy to break your hand in a way that gives you the best two-card hand possible so you can’t risk your money if only one hand is stronger than the dealer, it’s common strategy to split your hand in a way that gives you the strongest two-card hand possible (without outstripping your five-card hand). The exception to this technique is whether you can make a really good five-card hand like a straight or stronger hand.

Your five-card hand is almost guaranteed to be a winner in that case allowing you to freeroll on every two-card hand you play. When playing hands with no pairs (i.e. a fully unconnected set of 7 cards) the widely agreed approach is to: put the highest ranked card in the back (large) hand position the second two highest ranked cards in the front (small) hand making the front hand as solid as possible without outstripping the back hand. If you have one pair in your hand dealt: play the pair in the major (high) hand.

Play a pair in your high hand if you have 3 aces and ace-high in your low hand match straights and flushes in your high hand until you already have two. Break quads (4-of-a-kind) into two pairs according to the rules above whether they are jj or higher keep 4-of-a-kind 6s or lower together keep 4-of-a-kind (77-tt) together only if you already have an as.

When you have a full game: always play the pair in your 2-card hand and 3-of-a-kind in your high hand unless you already have a second pair if so, play the higher of the two-pack in your low hand if you have five aces plus joker: always divide them unless you also have a pair of kings (in which case play all five aces in your high hand) what is the house way?

Dealers must set hands by the house way, which is a fixed series of procedures that vary from place to location. Make sure to decide once you sit down to play what the house way is. A casino can, as an example, have a “home route” similar to what’s mentioned below.

No set – use the highest card in the high hand, then the lowest second and third highest.

One set – use the high-hand pair and the other high-ranking low-hand pairs.

Two pairs – never break any two low (six or lower) pairs; split low and medium pairs between the high and low hands; split medium and high pairs, etc.

Three pairs – compete with the low hand usually the higher pair and so on. 

The core of it is a method about how dealers can place their hands and knowing the process will help them decide their own plan. 

Pai Gow poker strategy

You can only make pairs or high cards for the short two-card up-top hand. As such the best hand is pocket aces. Mind however, the five-card hand in back would smash anything you put up top. For eg, if you do puts aces up top you must be able to smash them with your high hand, or you will foul and either lose your hand by forfeit or have the hand reset by the house immediately (it differs by casino).

Note the joker – it can only be used to complete either a flush or straight when it comes to the joker. If you can’t do it in such a way, it must be done as an as.

With the essence of the game set-it-and-forget-it, meaning that until your hand is set all you can do is watch and see how things are turning out, the only talent lies with how you place your hands. You want to set it up you have a decent shot to beat the dealer with both hands.

So, let’s say you’re being held as a big hand. How can you put the hand in? Any players will be inclined to set it, giving them a virtual lock up top and a fair chance down below, because they have kings up and aces in the back . Other players may, however, still want to put the flush in the back, pretty much, lock up the part and take their chances to the top areally beautifully beauth. Ace king up top is solid in itself in this particular hand, and combined with the flush down below would definitely give you a greater chance of winning both top and bottom.

Pai Gow Poker dealer rules or House method

The dealer is expected to set his or her pai gow hand in unique ways in any casino pai gow game. This is called the house way. This differs from casino to casino but is mentioned in a gaming guide for every casino. Check with a nearby casino to see what their way of house is. How to decide a winning pai gow hand after both hands are set you have to match your two hands to the dealer’s two matching hands.

If both of your hands are higher than both of the dealer hands, you make 1:1 on your bet if either one of your hands is better than the dealer s, it’s a push if both of your hands are lower than the dealers, you forfeit your bet significant note: in pai gow links go to the dealer but if you have precisely the same hand (e.g. a pair of 88s in your low hand) the dealer takes the game.

Martingale System At The Table

A lot of times what you’ll get also are people who if they you know they use like system you know like a really popular one it’s like a cult of martingale system right where basically you bet a hundred dollars all right and then say you lose the bet and then you follow that up with a bed of 200 dollars and then if you lose that bet then you follow that up with a bed of 400 dollars all right and you know that requires you to have a whole lot of money one and then to you know if you end up with like a whole string of losses then you are wiped out so I would recommend that instead what’s you know like I will recommend two ways the simple way would be to use like a high-low betting system where say if you’re betting $100 all right you win your hand then the next bet you go to 200 because you know that 100 was your low 200s your high. Read other casino related articles and reviews at  CasinoSlots.

And then as you keep winning at the 200s right once you lose a hand you go back down to 100 all right and then that way you know that way you’re you’re trying to maximize like the amount of money that you actually have out there while you’re winning and minimizing money you have while you losing and I just use the one 200 as an example you know for like lowland lower limits if you’re betting say like ten dollars you know you can make that spread as wide as you like you know whatever is going to make you feel comfortable if you want to bet $10 and then see you win and you go to $50 right and then you keep playing $50 until you lose and you go back to ten that’s entirely up to you if you want to try it that way way that I personally play I like I use I do progressive betting and what that does basically is you know like it maximizes on you know on streaks that tend to happen in the game where it’s like things are going really well.

Then you know I’m actually like I just keep betting and betting and betting and betting and one of the one of the things with that all right say if I’m betting 50 a hand say if I win two bets in a row right then I start going up I’ll go to 75 then I’ll go to 100 then I’ll go to 150 then I go to 200 then I go to 300 and the whole methodology behind this is that even if I could win all of these hands in a row if I looking out I bet 400 and if I were to lose then I lose the 400 right here but then this is all profit and then I would start back at 50 and then you know kind of work my way back up again.

Online casino slot machines – funny and profitable

The advent of online technology or simply the internet has almost revolutionized the saga of worldwide communications. This is as true as the daylight but there have been radical changes in other domains too. One of these is certainly the world of casino. Gone are the days when people looking for money and fun used to rush towards regular casinos and it has been replaced by the emergence of online casinos to a large extent. Thanks to this reality, more and more features are being added and online casino slot machines are surely one of these.

Is it compulsory to play online casino slot machines? Well, there is no hard and fast rule but more and more people love it and there must be some authentic reasons. What can be the reasons?

If we delve into views of experts, online casino slot machines are really funny and the concerned player can take delight in the same to his heart’s content. Furthermore, there is the presence of monetary benefits to a great extent.

Definitely, this is not all and as per the majority of players, they do also take pleasure in great graphics and wonderful sounds (available along with online casino slot machines). Keep in mind that more or less all websites that do bring forth this service have energetic reels and put great bonus rounds. On account of these astounding aspects including sounds and graphics in tandem with the animations, online gaming is alluring more players than that was thought in the beginning.

Competition is rising in this sphere too, as a result websites are bringing to the fore opportunities to win loads of prizes ever more and it can be done when on earth you become able to hit a definite symbol combination.

Which website can you go for? This does depend only on the concerned player. Make an extensive research, take the help of veterans if you are in need of those and proceed in view of that.

How To Play It Safe While In Germany

You are a tourist and you are in Germany. You are checking out zillion places and also sampling amazing delicacies and guzzling the local beer by gallons. Everything seems perfect? Well, it has to stay that way and in order to do so, you have to know a few safety tips while you travel to Germany. These safety tips are going to make sure that you are secured. In order to stay cool, you have to check and follow all the tips and also keep all of your senses open.


Germany is one of the safest places in the world and is one of those rare places where you can actually walk around at night without feeling unsafe from any angle.

It would be wrong to say that Germany is absolutely crime free as this nation does have its share of criminals. However, rest assured since most of the German streets are safer for tourists. There aren’t many drunken hooligans on the streets and even if there is a high intake of alcohol here, the locals are all fun drunks. They like to sing and link up instead of getting violent and breaking bottles on each other’s heads!

The police as well as the administration here are pretty much efficient and would help an average tourist. A lodged complaint by a foreign tourist is taken up quite seriously.

Apart from the safety issue, it can be said that Germany is a clean and healthy place and is a nation that does adhere to the adage of ‘cleanliness is next to god’.

The municipalities of every part of the German nation take care of the garbage and maintain the city in a proper shape. The residents of the places are also mature and ethical enough to keep their city clean and do their bit to the ‘cleaning’ contribution. Health insurance, food as well as water are of high quality and would never fail to impress you. As a tourist, you would like the kind of hospitality as well as clean services that are meted to you. The nation is devoid of any dead animals and insects and even the dogs are bound to wear muzzles. The traffic is superb and all the vehicles to wait for the pedestrians to cross. IN case you love cycling around the place then you would be glad to find paths of a bicycle on almost every city street.

Now that you know all the basic safety guides that are prevalent in Germany you mustn’t roam around in a drunken stupor and the big city stations can be a little too unsafe for a tourist at times.

Precautions even if in lesser amounts must be taken. It is advised that you do not wander off to absolutely lonely places unaccompanied. You should be blending with the locals and going where the crowds are. Crime cases of the tourists are pretty rare and aren’t usually the ones that make headlines. However following a few little safety tips and undertaking necessary precaution does help.


How To Help Your Kids Have The Perfect Family Vacation

All parents want their children to have a good time on vacation, as memories of family outings together can be some of the most cherished remembrances of a person’s life. But kids have their own needs too, so it takes planning to make sure that they enjoy the trip. Parents also know that if their kids are having a good time, then most likely they can enjoy the vacation too. So here are a few tips on how to help your kids have the perfect family vacation.

* If you want to make sure that your kids have a positive feeling about the trip from the start it’s a wise idea to involve them and get their input early in the planning stages. Having a family get together where everyone can have a say in the final choice can be a way to enlist your kids to support right from the start. Of course, as parents, you may want to bring some structure to the discussion by offering only certain choices for the destination and then see what proves to be the most popular among all members of the family. But whatever you do, try to take everyone’s feelings into consideration before making your final decision.

* On many vacations the trip to get to your destination can set the tone for the whole getaway, so be sure to bring along books, games, and videos that keep all the kids occupied during the journey and make the time seem to fly by. This can especially be useful on the trip back when it’s easy for children to feel let down by having to leave their fun vacation spot.

* Picking the right kind of accommodations where you stay can also be important if you want everyone to have a good time. Try to make sure that the hotel or resort is kid-friendly, or in other words has activities that would interest kids like swimming, fishing, games, etc. All too often parents pick a place to stay that they like, but it may not have the kind of features that kids will really enjoy. In this vein, keep in mind too that all inclusive family vacations are offered on the internet that provides activities and accommodations that will appeal to the whole family and they can also save you money on the whole trip. So why not consider these as well?

* Schedule at least a few activities where the family can safely break up into smaller groups to do something that will appeal to their age level. This can also apply to parents as well, because when you feel more relaxed and happy about the vacation that can also rub off on your children. Conversely, if you are stressed out and feel bad about the trip that also can affect your kids, but in a negative way.

* Your kids will also need some rest while on vacation although they may not think so. So instead of just staying on the run every day, try to schedule a low activity day after a high activity outing. This way they kind of catch their breath and you won’t go home feeling that you need another vacation just to get over your vacation.

By being considerate of your kid’s feelings and planning the vacation well beforehand with everyone in the family in mind, you can enjoy your time together and experience the perfect family vacation.


Holiday Travel Tips For Stress Free Travel

A relaxed holiday is the leisurely result of careful travel planning. To plan a holiday customized to your needs, it is prudent to research tips for holiday travel from travelers who have been on the trip before.

The most important part of an enjoyable holiday is safety. The internet has many websites that give holiday travel safety tips. You can also get safety tips specific to your destination by reading travelogues of writers who have been to your destination. Travel agents and travel brochures also can give you valuable tips on holiday travel.

If your holiday involves air travel, the airline magazines and airline websites are valuable sources for holiday air travel tips. These magazines and websites may give you interesting things that you can do like a stopover holiday before reaching your destination or a two hour trip around the city before catching a connecting flight.

If you have made a sudden decision to take a vacation, there are websites that help you with last minute holiday travel tips. If the holiday needs to fit in with your budget then there are websites that give you cheap holiday travel tips and methods to find deals on transport and accommodation during your holiday.

The best holiday travel tips will be found on websites that cater to travelers who travel the same way you do. You can find online tips for vacation travel that cater to your unique tastes.

The most common vacation travel tips are those that ask you to make your reservations in advance.

Shopping for holiday travel deals is another tip for travelers to help them travel within budget. Packing light is another travel tip that is found on almost all travel websites and books. Arrive either early or late in the day to beat the rush hour in the place of your destination. Some travel tip websites ask travelers to plot their air connections carefully to avoid long waits at airports.

Researching vacation travel tips before embarking on a journey will help the traveler make sensible, economic and safe decisions before setting off for a well earned holiday.


How to find cheap holiday travel insurance

When traveling for a holiday vacation for an extended period, it is important to ensure that you will be able to refund or reschedule your trip if a sudden accident or illness prevented you from going. Holiday travel insurance is a great way to safeguard your holiday travels. Essentially, you pay an additional fee based on the cost of your trip to be insured against trip cancellation for covered reasons. It is extremely important to read the fine print to know exactly what your travel insurance covers.

You can usually purchase it at the same time you book airline tickets or vacations packages. This may or may not be the cheapest holiday travel insurance but it is easy and convenient. If you decide not to use the default travel insurance offered by your holiday travel provider there are plenty of other ways to find the cheapest insurance for your travels online. By purchasing travel insurance at the first opportunity after booking your tickets, you will give yourself the best possible price. This is simply because people who wait to purchase insurance for their holiday travels close to departure usually have a higher risk of actually canceling their trip. Holiday insurance providers are aware of this and charge a higher premium for these vacation travelers.

How is my cheap travel insurance priced?

The travel insurance you’ll be able to buy will depend on:

1) where you permanently reside;

2) where you will be traveling on holiday

3) what reasons you may have for canceling your holiday vacation;

4) the overall cost of your trip.

Some cheap travel insurance providers are only licensed to provide insurance to residents of certain countries so be sure to check a provider out to see that they can cover you. Many worldwide travel insurance providers will limit their coverage in certain high-risk holiday vacation destinations like certain countries in Africa where tour provider fraud is common. The overall cost of your trip is probably the largest factor in the price of your vacation insurance since this is the amount that the provider will have to pay out should your trip be cancelled.

What cancellation reasons will my travel insurance company cover?

This is the most important part of buying cheap holiday travel insurance. If you end up canceling your trip for a reason that is not covered, you will be out the initial cost of your trip as well as the insurance premium.’

Most common policies for insurance for your holiday will cover sickness or death in the immediate family (will require a doctor’s certification); holiday tour operator bankruptcy or fraud; some types of weather cancellations; military service or jury duty. What is usually not covered is work-related cancellations or any other reason like schedule conflicts or family problems. You may be able to buy additional holiday travel insurance coverage for these reasons if you feel they may happen to you. Never assume your insurance will cover you for a given reason – always read the fine print.

How To Get a Travel Visa

A visa is an official stamp of the embassy or the high commission of a country. This stamp in the individual’s passport or the traveling document authorizes him to travel to that country for a period of time which is stated on the visa and also for the particular purpose which is also stated.


In case an individual visits a country without a visa then he may be repatriated in case he is caught by the authorities of that country. Visa can be issued to any person who satisfies the visa rules and regulations. Most of the times people get denied to get a visa and the reason is not that they are not qualified to get a visa, but the reason is that they refuse to use the simple knowledge to understand what the visa officers want from them. Here we have for you a list of things that you must do to ensure that your visa does not get rejected.


The first thing to check is whether your passport is virgin or not. A virgin passport is one that is issued newly. It may have been issued earlier but if there is no stamp of a visa on it, then this shows that the bearer of the passport has not gone overseas after the issue of passport.On the other hand, if a person has got a visa to another country earlier then his passport is said to have lost its virginity. This shows that the country issuing a visa to him had confidence in him.

The important thing to learn here is that you should not apply for a visa in a high rejection country with a virgin passport. Chances are high that your passport will be stamped as “visa refused” this will have other effects such as discrediting your passport in case of other visa applications and you will also lose the visa fees as in most of the cases it is nonrefundable.

Now the question arises, how can you first use your passport? The best way to do is through travel and tours company. There are a lot of Travel and Tours Company and for a small fee, you can get assistance in acquiring your visa. Here is a list of certain questions you must be prepared with before you face the embassy.

  1. Do you have a valid letter of invitation?
  2. Where do you plan to stay? Do you have hotel reservations?
  3. The financial status and a copy of the bank statement may be asked for.
  4. Have you been denied visa earlier?
  5. You may be asked if you have been convicted of any offense.
  6. Your purpose of travel may be questioned.
  7. You may be asked the name of the person who is sponsoring of your travel.

Preparing for these questions is important but most important is having another counties visa on the passport.